New Processor

Raspberry Pi 5 features a powerful new 64-bit quad-core CPU, delivering 2-3 times the performance of the Raspberry Pi 4.

Enhanced Graphics

It boasts an upgraded GPU, enabling full dual 4Kp60 display output over HDMI.

Improved I/O

With double the USB and microSD speed and a new PCI-Express interface, connectivity is significantly enhanced.

Dual Camera/Display Ports

Two four-lane MIPI transceivers provide triple the bandwidth for dual camera or display setups.

Power Button

A much-requested power button is now included for convenience.

Real-Time Clock (RTC)

The board features an integrated RTC to maintain time/date even when powered off.

Additional Features

The Raspberry Pi 5 includes a fan header, UART header, composite video pads, and memory indication markers for versatile use.

Official Accessories

Also launched supporting Active Cooler, Raspberry Pi 5 Case, 27W USB-C Power Supply, Camera/Display Adapter Cables, and an RTC Battery.